Staff: Peter Bacon

Position: Director of Woodlots & Wetlands
Born: Sydney, Australia

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, University of Sydney
Master of Science in Agriculture, University of Sydney (Irrigation and nutrition)
Doctor of Philosophy, University of New England (Soil and land management)
Certified Practising Soil Scientist (Stage 3 Leading professional)
Certified Practising Agriculturist (Stage 3 Leading professional)

Peter Bacon has over 30 years experience in soil, water and vegetation management. In this time he has published over 250 articles, ranging from expert systems to reviews of major ecological processes.

Between 1973 and 1976 he investigated nutrient and water distribution in irrigated orchards. In 1976 he joined the Chemistry branch of the Biological and Chemical Research Institute and studied nitrogen and carbon cycling under a range of land and water management systems. His PhD was on N and C cycling in flooded and intermittently flooded systems. In 1988 he was appointed state coordinator of soil carbon and nitrogen research for the NSW Department of Agriculture. He lectured part time at the University of Sydney, UTS and at the University of New England.

In 1990 he became Senior Research Scientist in State Forests of NSW. In 1991 he was appointed coordinator of the Soils, Nutrition and Hydrology Section of Forest Research. In 1992 he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study in South Africa, Israel, Portugal and the USA. Specific aspects included modelling water quality changes in wetlands, movement of contaminants in soils, and the environmental effects of effluent reuse.

Dr. Bacon is currently managing director of Woodlots & Wetlands Pty. Ltd., an environmental consultancy and management company. Woodlots & Wetlands have successfully undertaken over 250 environmental management projects in the past 11 years.